Well I'm back off my cruise, and back in South Carolina...such a bittersweet feeling! But for the record i♥Miami lol. I almost wish we would have spent the entire time there instead of in the Bahamas! But let me run a few of the trips highlights past you guys:

-Met this sexy guy (yummy)...basketball player, with a baby-face type lol
-We were stranded at sea all day Sunday because of 'inclement weather' in the Great Stirrup Cay :(
-Walking around South Beach and Downtown Miami....they showed me so much love
-And last but not least the insanely low prices for bottles of liquor, on the boat and the Bahamas shore...definently will be going back after my 21st!

Have any of you all ever been to the Bahamas ? On a cruise period, or any other overseas trip worth noting (whether good or bad)? Well leaver a comment and let me know! Looking forward to the feedback loves!

P.S.: stay tuned for a few pictures too!

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