Rebelle Fleur!

I have a new roommate moving in sometime next week and I L O V E her! Honestly  don't think God could have blessed me with a better roomie/housemate/whatever! I have been praying for new friends & sure enough this week he sent me 2 spectacular ladies, one being my roommate Melanie & the other her coworker Jada! He may not do it ASAP, but God is def. in the business of answering His children's prayers. 
We officially met on Tuesday and did lunch and went out later that evening (which was an #EPiCFAiL *cough*) but we enjoyed every minute of being in each others good company! This is the outfit I threw together (in literally 15mins) for our "night  out." The quality is kind of sucky, but I felt like I had gone too long with an outfit posting.

-Floral Blazer: Goodwill
-Pocketed Tank: PacSun
-Grey Bodycon Skirt: Heritage 81 by Forever 21
-Blue Suede Pumps: Madden Girl: Marshalls

But I hope all you fabulous people are enjoying the nationwide heatwave. I'm back in South Carolina & I feel like I'm channeling a slave on the plantation. I'm glad slavery is over, because me+this heat for long periods of times=somebody would have had to DIE lol. Make sure yall staying cool & hydrated, and don't over do in this weather!


Age Ain't Nothing But a Number...Or Is It??

    I'm at the age were I've moved out on my own, pretty self sufficient, and exploring the dating scene. With that comes attention from men of all age groups (eww, yes even graddaddy aged men), but I'm trying to figure out where the age limit line should be drawn, and if there should be a limit.
   Often me and my best-friends discuss the age thing, and often times it seems like guys who are in the 26-28 range are starting to look for someone to settle down with, which I'm not trying to do at 20. I feel that if I can feel comfortable around the person, and they aren't expecting the world from me I can get to know them. For me, with age comes wisdom, a certain level of establishment, and some type of accomplishments; and if the man lacks any of those things I can't settle for him. I may not be looking for my future husband, but I won't allow myself to become involved with just anyone. I'm sifting through the frogs before my Prince Charming comes along, and if he has no degree, no career, no car, no goals then he has no future with me!!

But I want to know how you all feel about age & dating!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the responses!


God Don't Like Ugly

Hey beautiful people!
I'm currently blogging from my phone & feeling like a slack mother who has abandoned her baby :(. I've been uninspired lately and working these 40 hour work weeks, and this monotonous work attire ain't helping. On top of all that I have locked my smart self out of my laptop *bangs head against table* lol.
Someone asked to borrow my laptop, & I thought they would try to be nosey so I changed the password to something I can't even remember smh. Thats why I titled this post "God Don't Like Ugly". I was not acting rationally & couldve let them use my account instead of the guest account, and all together it was an ugly gesture. If anything I have got to learn to be more trusting of people, and set softer passwords lol.

I just want you all to know I haven't forgot about y'all and I'm coming back! I'm just not a fan of blogging apps because I have to triple check my posts & 95% of the time it still has errors!

New Betsey Johnson earrings...I'm so in love with them!


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I'm so thankful for Crystal over at ChurchGirl Chic for awarding me with this "Best Blogs" award. She is a true sweetheart and her blog is definently worth checking out!
So with the award I have to give 7 facts about me:
1. I'm left-handed
2. I'm a front-desk clerk at a hotel
3. I'm my mother's only child
4. I never wore make-up until my 2nd semester in college
5. I'm pretty quiet until you get to know me; then I'll have you laughing all the time
6. I'm a true Scorpio
7. For some reason I can pick up on a dance the first few times  I see it (my cat-daddy still ain't right, but my girls swear it's cute, lol)

& answer these questions:
  • Favorite Color: Turquoise
  • Favorite Song: Party-Beyonce ft. Andre 3000 (for now)
  • Favorite dessert: Birthday Cake
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: People who start to tell a story then say "never mind"...-_- hate that
  • When you are upset you, either: Hop in the car and just ride, or call one of my besties
  • Favorite Pet: Teacup Yorkie
  • Black or White:  this is  hard....all black err'thang is so sleek and sexy, but white is so classy & sophisticated. BOTH
  • Biggest Fear: Losing a parent
  • Best Feature: my smile
  • Everyday Attitude: Its a new day & I'll never see it again so I gotta make the most of it
  • What is perfection: Sunny afternoon on a boat with the man of my dreams getting a massage and sipping on something yummy
  • Guilty Pleasure: Sweet Potato pies from Bojangles...don't ask lol



Day 5 - Three things you miss.

-My Grandmother
-High School Years
-My Bestie Travis (He's in Washington state at Army camp & I can't talk to him *tears*)
Me & Travis

Day 1 - Seven things that cross your mind a lot. 
Day 2 - Six things you love.
Day 3 - Five songs you like.

Day 4 - Four things you wish you could say, but might never.
Day 5 - Three things you miss.
Day 6 - Two things you want.
Day 7 - One story of a memory you have.


Wild Nights & Brights!

Just a few pictures from Thursday night's outing with the girlies! All week I have been in a sweatpant type mood, so I had release a little glam for the evening! We did karaoke, went dancing, and laughed all night (as usual). And yes I had these thighs of mine all out, but of course I used moderation so the boobs were covered!♥

One of my Favorite people ever, Joc! 

Leopard Print Cardi: Merona: Thrifted
Black Tank: Forever 21
Pink Banded Skirt: Max Rave
Nude Pumps: Guess: Marshall's