LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Haul

Ignore the way I look...its been a long day lol

So this past Friday me and my bestfriends took a 2 hour roadtrip to Atlanta, and today (Sunday), we came back!  Friday we checked into our hotel and ventured out to Lenox Square Mall. It was big but not too impressive to me. We were in Macy's looking around, and we stumbled upon the LUSH section *insert heavenly awww*. This place was definently what I needed. I had heard about them from one of my favorite YouTuber's, and I knew I had try the stuff out! So here's my haul, I picked up 5 items and got 2 (make that 3) free samples and spent $43.57!
Sultana of Soap- mine was cut in store, but its $5.95 online 

Sex in the Shower Emotibomb- $4.50

Glorious Mud Sugar Scrub- $5.95
Heavanilli Massage Bar- $9.95

Lust Perfume- $13.95 for 0.3 fl oz.

Samples of Creme Anglaise ($44...whoa) & R&B Hair Moisturizer ($18.95)

So far I have used the Sultana Soap, which smells delish with the Creme Anglaise Body Cream ( I still can't believe she was trying to sell me this $44 product) which feels and smells really nice. I have also used the Heavanilli bar which seems to keep my skin moisturized well. This R&B Hair Moisturizer ain't no joke! It made my hair supple and my curls were popping....I might have to buy a full size once I run out of the samples because not only does it make my hair feel good, but the ingredients are great too!
I'm going to try to make these products last, so I'm going to cut up the bath/shower products so that I can get more than one or two uses from them & get my money's worth. I'm a college student and I have to make every penny count so hopefully I can get about 5 uses out of the Sex in Shower Emotibomb and Mud Scrub, and the soap is soft so I'm going to cut it into fourths so it won't melt away sitting in my shower!
Check your area for a LUSH store, the employees were great, the store was great, and I will be making further purchases from this company!
I got long winded with his post lol, but I'm out now!


"your hair is so cute, it just makes me happy"

Okay so the title is based on a comment I got today from a lady at my job. She said "your hair is so cute it just makes me happy," and no she wasn't black lol. Mind you I feel like my hair is a hot mess today, but she's (my hair) been stealing the show all day! A lady came down to the desk to ask me how I get my hair like this I replied "I don't have a relaxer, so I just it do whatever!" And a cutie who's staying here has been giving me a hard stare since him & his baseball team checked in! #WIN lol, but here go a few pics of my hair from today... I was bored at work &  the webcam saved me!!

'Finally Accepting All of Me' is hosting a GiveaWay !

One of my fave Plus-Size bloggers is hosting a giveaway! Have your entry in by 02.24 if your trying to win it all! Click on the test underneath the picture to send you right to her blog, and while your there check out some of her fly outfits and fashion tips!♥

"Sorry it took me so long to get this giveaway up. It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while and I've been getting small things here and there. Up for a win is a gorgeous Target Gia Milani purse, a gorgeous Charlotte Russe Peacock ring (I own one and it's an eye catcher), a Forever 21 pink floral headband, and a blue camisole."


No sir, Mr. Beiber!

This was Esperanza Spalding and Justin Beiber's first time meeting during the 2011 Grammy's. I don't know about ya'll but I'm semi-cautious about who gets to touch my fro, and he is just a little to close to comfort for a first encounter! I'm not going to lie, its a cute scenario but I feel as if she cringed on the inside, because he really went in for the kill!

"I really like your hair".....ugh


Weight Loss Inspiration

(the photo on the right is from an event she attended 2.11.11)

This is so inspiring! All my ladies whose New Years resolution is to drop a few pounds...Toccora was bad before and she still is! I think I'm going to print this out and hang it up to help me keep momentum...I might need her KING mag cover too bc she was HAWT! But keep focused ladies, we can drop these pounds! MIND OVER MATTER!!!


I Must Confess....I'm Completely Obsessed - Chaka Khan Edition

So lately I have been feeling so inspired by the great big haired curlies that have come before me! Chaka Khan has been giving me so much life lately, from her voice, to her hair, to her sweet spirit....she is my true hairspiration! I don't really care if its her hair or not, its fly and its what I want lol. I pray that by my 21st birthday in October I will have hair even half as glorious as hers, if not I plan to fake it!
So here's me paying homage to the uber-fab Ms. Khan!

And am I the only one who notices how Ms. Minaj favors Ms. Khan in the looks department?? lol. Anywho enjoy the hair, oh and the performance too! ♥


through with it...

YES! I'm done trying to make-over this blog!lol. END OF STORY. its kind of cute, and I can work with it! SO tell me your opinion of things!


still at it....

so I've been trying to come up with a fresh look for the blog, but right now it still feels blah to me! The type of person i am, I am sure it will take me at least another day or two until I get a look that I'm 100% happy with, so ya'll bear with me and excuse the mess I'm currently making with my blog lol.

ON ANOTHER NOTE.... My bestie is coming to town this weekend and I have missed her so much! I'm super excited not only for her coming but for the fun that we have planned for the entire month of February. A few pictures of our adventures will def be posted to the blog!
(me and the bestie)

But back to the blog make-over I go! 

under construction

trying to do something new & cute to this blog.... hopefully it wont take me too long to get this right!


#BHM - Happy Black History Month!

"Say it loud...I"M BLACK & I'M PROUD!" 
     but on a serious note, Happy Black History Month! It's only one month out of the year to some of us, but to others it's something that never leaves. There is a great sense of pride surrounding  the month of February within the African American community. During this time we reflect on influential blacks who have improved the lives of not only our own, but of people of every race and culture. 
     I'm proud of every ground groundbreaking, people-freeing, world-em-bettering, life changing move my people have made. We still have a llllllloooonnnnnnggggg ways to go, but thank God we are not where we used to be! We will keep getting better, and keep giving our ancestors a reason to smile down on us!


Wonder Woman Fly !

I'm so hype that MAC's Wonder Woman line is releasing in the 10th! The colors are bomb, and it's Wonder Woman one of the baddest of all times! From the pictures I've seen there are some fabulous lippies in a range of colors and definently right in time for the spring season! There were also a few flashy nail-polish colors caught my eye (my pockets have to catch up first though, lol). But I'm sure I will get a couple items while the supply lasts! it looks like a worthy buy to me.

And here's a little something sexy for our inner "Wonder Woman"....