Good to be a Girl

LADIES! Check out this article http://collegecandy.com/2010/12/29/its-good-to-be-a-girl/ ! Its hilarious and a spunky note on why girls are better (like we didn't already know it, lol). It was so cute that I had to share it with! And while your there checkout the entire College Candy site, I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Later ♥♥♥

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock (Beatboxing & Piano Cover)

Okay these ladies are super hot! OMGee i ♥ em! just had to share this new finding...i'm probably late on it but better late than never :)


Holiday Season !

Hey beauties !
As you all may know tomorrow is Christmas, and a day to celebrate the birth of Christ and the fellowship with family and friends. Unfortunately I wont't be able to  partake in the celebrating of one of my favorite occasions, because I will be at work from 3p-11p, and I have no family in a 50mile radius so I'm stuck lonely lol. But I can't complain, at least I'm blessed to have a steady job this year! And as I get older Christmas just isn't what it used to be anyway, so I'm learning to deal with it and just handle my business!

Now let me know how you fab people are celebrating the Christmas holidays!♥


Sights && Seeings of ME!

this bottle was as tall as my leg lol 


some call it garbage......i call it art

beautiful, despite the rain

the Sunset was oh so lovely

SCORPiO CHICK, so of course it caught my eye!


Well I'm back off my cruise, and back in South Carolina...such a bittersweet feeling! But for the record i♥Miami lol. I almost wish we would have spent the entire time there instead of in the Bahamas! But let me run a few of the trips highlights past you guys:

-Met this sexy guy (yummy)...basketball player, with a baby-face type lol
-We were stranded at sea all day Sunday because of 'inclement weather' in the Great Stirrup Cay :(
-Walking around South Beach and Downtown Miami....they showed me so much love
-And last but not least the insanely low prices for bottles of liquor, on the boat and the Bahamas shore...definently will be going back after my 21st!

Have any of you all ever been to the Bahamas ? On a cruise period, or any other overseas trip worth noting (whether good or bad)? Well leaver a comment and let me know! Looking forward to the feedback loves!

P.S.: stay tuned for a few pictures too!


THE GIVEAWAY...stay tuned

Hey ya'll!
 So I'm at work right now, and I'm thinking about my blog and how I'm going to reach out to my followers that I will soon have and decided i will do it the old fashioned way and do a GIVEAWAY ! And now I'm amped thinking about it! So when I get close to 40 followers on my blog I will be doing a giveaway.....not sure what I'm going to giveaway but just know it'll be good! So make sure you hit that FOLLOW button and stay posted!

-and you guys have any suggested giveaway items then lemme' know!

My Grown Up Christmas list...lol

We know its the holiday season, and we all have something we want "Santa" to put under the tree for us! I composed a short and simple list of some of my top gift wants.

1. tons of hair accessories (bows, scarves, headbands) 
2. printed leggings...they are so hot!
3.a Forever21 gift-card
4. boots (you can never own too many pairs)
5. the limited edition 'Pink Friday' lipstick from M.A.C
6. a few Miss Jessie's products
7. Urban Decay book of Shadows Vol. 3

So I'm on my best behavior for the next 11 days, so I can score some of this swag for Christmas!

Now you all know what I have on my list,  I want to know what you all are wanting to have underneath the tree!

Naptural Flow

July 13, 2010 I finally big chopped after 9 months of transitioning and its been one the best experiences ever. So many girls on campus say I inspire them to want to go natural, and I can do is encourage them and tell them to do it, it cant hurt.
My main issue is that after 5 months of being fully natural i still find it hard to develop a list of products that make my hair ecstatic. I have only only found about 2 super staples (Shea Moisture Smoothie and also a cheapie glycerin mix from the dollar store). Searching for a holy grail of products has really turned me into a product junkie, and I don't even enjoy it (I'd rather buy clothes).
As you follow me on this blog you will be receiving many product reviews until I find some that makes me and my hair happy! Hopefully I will be able to give you all a review of a few Miss Jessie's products in the New Year (I'm taking advantage of the BOGO sale), so stay tuned for that!

And of any ya'll have some products to recommend drop me a comment on it! any and all help is needed! ♥


So I've decided to start back on my blog (hopefully this last longer than winter break). First semester of my Junior year is OVER and I'm so glad! Now its time celebrate Christmas, New Years and my cruise to the Bahamas next week..I'm super amped! I've decided to have Journalism as my cognate, along with my Political Science major, so hopefully this blog helps keep the creativity flowing && vice versa!