LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Haul

Ignore the way I look...its been a long day lol

So this past Friday me and my bestfriends took a 2 hour roadtrip to Atlanta, and today (Sunday), we came back!  Friday we checked into our hotel and ventured out to Lenox Square Mall. It was big but not too impressive to me. We were in Macy's looking around, and we stumbled upon the LUSH section *insert heavenly awww*. This place was definently what I needed. I had heard about them from one of my favorite YouTuber's, and I knew I had try the stuff out! So here's my haul, I picked up 5 items and got 2 (make that 3) free samples and spent $43.57!
Sultana of Soap- mine was cut in store, but its $5.95 online 

Sex in the Shower Emotibomb- $4.50

Glorious Mud Sugar Scrub- $5.95
Heavanilli Massage Bar- $9.95

Lust Perfume- $13.95 for 0.3 fl oz.

Samples of Creme Anglaise ($44...whoa) & R&B Hair Moisturizer ($18.95)

So far I have used the Sultana Soap, which smells delish with the Creme Anglaise Body Cream ( I still can't believe she was trying to sell me this $44 product) which feels and smells really nice. I have also used the Heavanilli bar which seems to keep my skin moisturized well. This R&B Hair Moisturizer ain't no joke! It made my hair supple and my curls were popping....I might have to buy a full size once I run out of the samples because not only does it make my hair feel good, but the ingredients are great too!
I'm going to try to make these products last, so I'm going to cut up the bath/shower products so that I can get more than one or two uses from them & get my money's worth. I'm a college student and I have to make every penny count so hopefully I can get about 5 uses out of the Sex in Shower Emotibomb and Mud Scrub, and the soap is soft so I'm going to cut it into fourths so it won't melt away sitting in my shower!
Check your area for a LUSH store, the employees were great, the store was great, and I will be making further purchases from this company!
I got long winded with his post lol, but I'm out now!

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