Bring it On, Mama!!

Here it is the eve of my 21st birthday, I'm sitting here and all I can think about is a conversation me and my mother had earlier this week. We were talking about weight loss, her going to Hawaii in December and me going to Miami for spring break in March and how we want to tone down a little before our trips...and then that's when it happened. SHE CHALLENGED ME. Oh yes she did, a good ol' mother/daughter challenge with prizes on the line! We decided that by March we will have lost 40lbs each, and that whoever loses the most each month will win a prize of their choice. I told my mother she might as well pick up my prizes now because I'm going to be on top every month. I think this is going to be exciting. For my prizes I choose:

-A new TV (the one I have now is...smh #nocomment)

-$150 Visa

-MP3 AUX output for my car

-and I still haven't decided on the fourth one yet. I was thinking maybe an iPhone, but nah I like my EVO. Maybe something from LUSH, or something beauty related.  Any suggestions ladies?

 My mother is my goal weight of 170 already, while I'm stuck at ____ (so disgusted I can't even say). I can't believe she wants to be 130 though. That just seems way too little, but if it makes her happy I'm with it! I gained 50lbs my freshman year of college and its been terribly hard to shake off between work and school. A lot of people notice most of weight gain in my thighs and breast, which are the last things that need any type of growth. Hopefully not only will there be a loss of pounds and inches, but a few bra sizes too, because I would love to be able to fit a VS bra again!

Trying to Hit Ya'll with a Now & Then Pic like this :)

Luckily I have been working out during this month (even thought it doesn't count toward the challenge). I have lost 6lbs so far ^_^!

 I need all the help and encouragement I can get from my beautiful blogging network! I have seen some of you ladies make tremendous weight loss marks and if y'all can drop me some knowledge or some support along the way I will be over so greatful!!

P.S.-If you want to join in let me know...I can't do monthly prizes for everyone, but maybe I can do something for the "biggest loser," no promises yet though!

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  1. Girl you can do it and a challenge sounds fun. I am down.



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