Aqua Zumba o_O

  Here at school we have this major Health/Education/Wellness Complex with indoor track, swimming pool, smoothie shop and all that good stuff. They even have personal trainers and masseuse now, they are getting fancy.
Every semester they release a new schedule for the group fitness classes and this time around they have AQUA ZUMBA, and I'm trying to see what that's like. It sound exciting and like a nice thorough workout. Group Fitness classes start the 17th and Aqua Zumba is every Monday and Wednesday for 50 minutes, so I will definently keep you all posted on how this class goes.

Now I'm off to find some hair products to keep my hair pH balanced, maybe a new swimsuit, because I'm bound to have nipple slip out of my current suit, and maybe a tight fitting swim cap (I'm serious about my BSL hair)!!♥


  1. omg this sounds so fun and a great way to burn calories.

  2. CLASS WAS DOPE!!! I had to get a new swimsuit though bc the "girls" were a little out but I enjoyed it!!


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