Deal or Steal??

So last week I went to Walmart after class, and I didn't find what I came in for but I found a damn good deal on polish!
3 OPI POLISHES FOR $9.01...yep.
I was exiting & saw the OPI collection in the salon, and then I saw the clearance stand in the salon. Most of the colors were from the Katy Perry, and Pirates of the Carribean line!! This was quite a steal!!
Normally would've been around $27
I had to ask the lady was this sticker accurate

warm, yet light purple tone

beautiful light, mossy green

A pretty, light pink hue

without flash

with flash

These pictures are all over the place...ugh, but you all should get the gist of things! :)


  1. Grl that was a steal *grabs keys headed to car, wally world here I come* lol

  2. that is a wonderfullll find ! i always get pandamonium pink when i get my nails done and always get compliments ..i love it ! congratss


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