The Purge

It has officially been 3 months since I blogged, almost a month since I've tweeted & about two weeks since I've posted anything to my Instagram account, so I have been purging from pretty much all social networking (except Pinterest, it soothes me). During my hiatus I've had school issues, guy problems & had a birthday. I've also been weeding through the people in my life & making decisions for the next year of my life. I can honestly say I have become a better person in the past few months & as these leaves fall from the trees I can see me shedding the old things that have no place in where I'm trying to go. Trust me I've been having fun too, helping my friend get things together for her online boutique, crafting, going out and just enjoying my life (did I mention I lost a few lbs too lol). My outlook on life is so different now & I'll be reflecting that through my blog from now on. Ya'll have been here & I don't want to leave ya'll hanging so bear with me, I'm still here & better than ever honestly. Now I have got to check out all the trillion & 22 blog post I have missed during this time & get to blogging myself.

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