My Grown Up Christmas list...lol

We know its the holiday season, and we all have something we want "Santa" to put under the tree for us! I composed a short and simple list of some of my top gift wants.

1. tons of hair accessories (bows, scarves, headbands) 
2. printed leggings...they are so hot!
3.a Forever21 gift-card
4. boots (you can never own too many pairs)
5. the limited edition 'Pink Friday' lipstick from M.A.C
6. a few Miss Jessie's products
7. Urban Decay book of Shadows Vol. 3

So I'm on my best behavior for the next 11 days, so I can score some of this swag for Christmas!

Now you all know what I have on my list,  I want to know what you all are wanting to have underneath the tree!

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