Naptural Flow

July 13, 2010 I finally big chopped after 9 months of transitioning and its been one the best experiences ever. So many girls on campus say I inspire them to want to go natural, and I can do is encourage them and tell them to do it, it cant hurt.
My main issue is that after 5 months of being fully natural i still find it hard to develop a list of products that make my hair ecstatic. I have only only found about 2 super staples (Shea Moisture Smoothie and also a cheapie glycerin mix from the dollar store). Searching for a holy grail of products has really turned me into a product junkie, and I don't even enjoy it (I'd rather buy clothes).
As you follow me on this blog you will be receiving many product reviews until I find some that makes me and my hair happy! Hopefully I will be able to give you all a review of a few Miss Jessie's products in the New Year (I'm taking advantage of the BOGO sale), so stay tuned for that!

And of any ya'll have some products to recommend drop me a comment on it! any and all help is needed! ♥

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