Been Gone for Too Long, Now its Time to Bring it Back!!

Hey beautiful people! I'm back to blogging...for now jk. I have been meaning to make post since about April but just haven't got around to it *hangs head in shame*. Blame its on final exams, extra hours at work, and lack of a photographer (I'm my own photographer.) But lets put that all behind, and enjoy the post!

This skirt was $2.12 today at Goodwill!! I knew I had to have it when I saw it & at that price it couldn't be left behind. I decided to play dress-up when I got home, and found 2 different ways to rock it!

The first way was a dress, inspired by this post on My Thrifted Closet ...SheRea is awesome!

Added some denim for a more casual, comfy vibe

Here as a skirt! Since thats what it is, lol. I felt kind of fancy wearing it like this! Me likey though!

 And these shoes....LAWD HAMMERCY!!! I found these Jessica Simpson wedges for $15 at Marshalls. Clearly these shoes were meant for me...they were the only pair I saw left, and I didn't discover them until I went over the shoe section a second time! 


  1. I feel so honored thst you found my look worthy enough to inspire you :) You look great! The pattern on that dress is GORG and you are rocking the hell out of ALL three looks. FIRE GIRLIE FIRE!!!!

  2. AWW THANKS!! I'm trying to get like you, your def a thrifting pro!

    Much Love

  3. i gave you a shoutout on my blog! check it out

  4. Girl you are looking so gorgeous! I am so glad that you started blogging again. Thank you so much for following me. I am following you right back. I tried to click on your picture in my followers section but you don't have your blog linked to your picture. I think you may need to update your profile or make it public or something. Go to my blog and click your picture in my followers section and you can only see the blogs that you are following but your contact information is not there. I only found you because SheDel left a shout out for you on her blog. She is always sure to link everyone she mentions! I so Love her! Kiah

  5. whoa okay hottie! You look FAB! Those shoes are gorgeous and they look comfortable and what a great price. Jessica Simpson is usually quite pricey but you lucked out :]



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