"Just Daisy's 7 Day Challenge" ♥

So I'm going to join Daisy's 7 Day Challenge! I love the different range of topics covered in the challenge  & it'll get me thinking a little more. The topics are:

Day 1 - Seven things that cross your mind a lot. 
Day 2 - Six things you love.
Day 3 - Five songs you like.
Day 4 - Four things you wish you could say, but might never.
Day 5 - Three things you miss.
Day 6 - Two things you want.
Day 7 - One story of a memory you have.

Feel free to join in & leave Daisy a comment a comment so she can check out your responses!

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  1. I'm soooo excited you are doing the challenge! woo hoo, thanks for the link back to! your really the sweetest :)



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