What I Need in My Life-June Edition

1. This Freetress Kara Wig- I didn't fall in love until I came across this video, but when I did I fell HARD!! The color, the style, and the fact that it would give my hair a rest makes it something that I need to invest in.

2. A Cinnabon- I think its been almost a year since I've indulged in one of these. There used to be a Cinnabon  about 20 minutes away from me at the outlets, but they took it out! I was really mad about that too lol. It's all kinds of bad stuff, but so tempting!

3. Blush Colored Blazer- I'm stalking every thrift store in town (and those in Charlotte when I go home) until I have a blush colored blazer in my closet! I'm praying that I find the perfect one on $.50 Sundays at Goodwill.

4. "LUST" by LUSH Cosmetics- This is my favorite perfume ever and last week I ended the bottle *insert a sad, sad cry here*. I hate paying for shipping, and I don't want to make a trip to Atlanta anytime soon so I'm without. I may have to convince my bestie to pick it up for me when she goes next week!

5. Printed Trousers- I love having prints on the bottom! 

 What are you craving this month?


  1. O-M-G! I'm craving a trip to Goodwill for 50 cent Sundays! I shop there all the time and never knew they had such a thing as 50 cent Sundays! Giiiirl, what haha! :)

    I love that wig too, I just wore my first one last month and the break was much needed. It was so fun, easy, and comfortable too. I say go for it because it is soooooo damn cute <3


  2. I just found out the one in my area has it! I was too happy when I read that sign! And I haven't bought a wig since my freshman year...I love the versatility & playfulness of wigs though! They are heaven-sent lol

  3. I hope you find that blush blazer because you made me want one myself! lol. I need so many things in my life, girl I would have to have 3 post to name them all! lol.
    Have a blessed one!


  4. Hey Crystal! Girl I could go on all year about what I "need" lol. I think I'm going to make that a monthly feature on the blog! I found one for $1 but I'm not in love with it...it'll do for now though! Thanks for following & I have followed your blog back! Be blessed as well!♥


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