Rebelle Fleur!

I have a new roommate moving in sometime next week and I L O V E her! Honestly  don't think God could have blessed me with a better roomie/housemate/whatever! I have been praying for new friends & sure enough this week he sent me 2 spectacular ladies, one being my roommate Melanie & the other her coworker Jada! He may not do it ASAP, but God is def. in the business of answering His children's prayers. 
We officially met on Tuesday and did lunch and went out later that evening (which was an #EPiCFAiL *cough*) but we enjoyed every minute of being in each others good company! This is the outfit I threw together (in literally 15mins) for our "night  out." The quality is kind of sucky, but I felt like I had gone too long with an outfit posting.

-Floral Blazer: Goodwill
-Pocketed Tank: PacSun
-Grey Bodycon Skirt: Heritage 81 by Forever 21
-Blue Suede Pumps: Madden Girl: Marshalls

But I hope all you fabulous people are enjoying the nationwide heatwave. I'm back in South Carolina & I feel like I'm channeling a slave on the plantation. I'm glad slavery is over, because me+this heat for long periods of times=somebody would have had to DIE lol. Make sure yall staying cool & hydrated, and don't over do in this weather!


  1. UM........... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to find a thrifted floral blazer for the longest and I've had NOOO LUCK. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Perfect outfit. SEEXYYYYYYYYYY

  2. OMG! I think I'm in love...with that blazer...LOL Work it hunny!



  3. wow..i love that blazer..super cute



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