Age Ain't Nothing But a Number...Or Is It??

    I'm at the age were I've moved out on my own, pretty self sufficient, and exploring the dating scene. With that comes attention from men of all age groups (eww, yes even graddaddy aged men), but I'm trying to figure out where the age limit line should be drawn, and if there should be a limit.
   Often me and my best-friends discuss the age thing, and often times it seems like guys who are in the 26-28 range are starting to look for someone to settle down with, which I'm not trying to do at 20. I feel that if I can feel comfortable around the person, and they aren't expecting the world from me I can get to know them. For me, with age comes wisdom, a certain level of establishment, and some type of accomplishments; and if the man lacks any of those things I can't settle for him. I may not be looking for my future husband, but I won't allow myself to become involved with just anyone. I'm sifting through the frogs before my Prince Charming comes along, and if he has no degree, no career, no car, no goals then he has no future with me!!

But I want to know how you all feel about age & dating!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the responses!


  1. Girl I agree with on some men ages 26-28 being ready to settle down. Girl I say keep dating. PRINCE CHARMING will show himself. I like them standards girl!!! We want an goal oriented man!!! I miss you and follow my blog!!!

  2. I dont think that age is the only factor. It also has to do with their upbringing and the level of maturity that they are on. and LOL@ the grandads..maybe you should make one of them your suga daddy!! LOL..JK!!

  3. Just fouat blog and your blog and lovin it. Great blog dear

  4. @teetee I got ya boo & I will be visiting you & the gabster soon!

    @Dreek lol, did u se the episode of true life with the sugar babies?? They make me not even want to think ab getting a sugar daddy lol. But you are do very right ab maturity and up bringing! One day God will bring me a man as good as your honey :-)

    @fashberrie welcome lady & might I add u are fly! I'm def following!


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