Kind of Like Crack...real addictive

Yesterday I went shoe shopping for a pair of shoes to wear to an all white affair. And shoes are one of my addictions...needless to say I bought two pair on impulse. Just thought I would share some of the shoes I came across & please ignore the ashiness of my feet, I was just getting off work :(. Now that I look at it, I must be in a disco-ball phase, because all these shoes have some kind of sparkle to them!

The high, sparkly wedge attracted..but it wasn't all that

More sparkle & a platform...whats not to love?

Again more sparkle, but these made it home!

Bought these but they are going back!!

Pictures from the All White Affair coming soon (i hope)...another friend of mine was the photographer so there is no telling how long it'll be before the pictures are on Facebook!!

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  1. you made the right choice with a classic black heel! :)


  2. I love those sparkly ones! They would have added so much GLAM to an all white ensemble. However, I'm sure you ROCKED which ever ones you chose!


  3. hey girl i must say those shoes are BADD work it!


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