Senioritis...Lawd Help Me!

Its been almost 2 weeks since I began my fourth year of college & I'm tired all freaking ready. I have 8am classes everyday, & I'm juggling school, work, and a social life *oh the horror*. I love the courses I'm taking I just hate getting up out my bed to get there...I just need a week off of everything to sit on the beach, let the wind blow through my fro (which has been neglected recently), and drink a daiquiri (virgin of course *side eyes*).

So far though, my senior year has been full of blessings. Met fabulous new people at work and from school, got a lot of freebies, I got a new car and I think all my professors are happy to have me again. I just need a full weekend off, and $500 to cater to myself and get focused, though. Labor Day weekend is coming up, so I know I won't get that opportunity, but maybe for Fall Break I'll get the chance. I just need it happen before my 21st or I might not make it lol.

OAN: My Kanye Workout Plan is beginning tomorrow. Hopefully steady exercise will give me that extra boost of energy to push me through my classes! So tomorrow I'm going to join the Red-Eye Runners/walkers and get my blood flowing bright and early & MF I'll be doing early morning cycling classes....I like to do things early in the morning so I can be lazy the rest of the day lol.

Excuse the tired face, I'm a work lol
And my phone is suffering from a gunshot wound...lets just say maybe I had too much fun Saturday night lol. No worries though, a replacement screen is like $15 bucks online so I'm going to engage in a DIY phone fix, because Sprint ain't getting $100 from me. I'm debating telling my parents, maybe they will feel bad and put me on the list for iPhone 5 -__-  (yea right). Luckily the screen is still functional, its just the glass that's cracked. I love my Droid though!

Its back to school time, how are you ladies feeling?? Enjoying it, hating it, sleeping through class, lol? Let me know, and if you all have any cures to this disease known as Senioritis please drop them in the comment box!


  1. Girl I'm suffering from Senioritis also. Ive been trying to get more active to help me with some more energy, but its hard to fit in with school and work.

  2. I feel the exact same way...can't have a regular workout schedule bc of my ever-changing work schedule! Caffeine is not even helping at this point lol


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