Ugh, I know I'm completely suck at this blogging thing lately. I love to blog and express myself, and get in touch with you all but my young life is so busy & crazy that sometime I can't reach out in this way.
Last time I spoke to y'all I was talking about the weightloss competition with my mom. Lost around 12lbs for the month of November, and I was pretty happy, then here comes December with exams, late night study sessions (that include snacks), end of the semester parties (with drinks), and graduation parties (with snacks and drinks, lol). Christmas was bananas, family, friends, and food...it was fabulous, and really merry. And now after the December I've had I ain't trying to get on that scale to even see the damage I have done, smh. But aye, a set back doesn't mean I have to stay there, so I'm back on my grind, and I'll update ya'll on that in an upcoming post.
2011 has flown by us all, and I'm glad that the year brought me many blessings and I'm glad to be closing it out with a light-heart and a joyous outlook on the year to come! So be ready, because I'M BACKKK *T.I. voice* lol.

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