Emerald City

Here it is y'all! Friday has came & gone and here is how I ended up rocking my dress! Black blazer (I put my own pearl button on it), black tights, suede wedged Mary-Janes, darktone silver earrings & a cocktail ring! It was a crazy night & I had to be at work at 7 the next morning smh, I made it though. I can honestly say i think maybe 95% of the people in the club weren't sober, and if I would've gotten a picture of me & my girls together you would see what I mean haha! Guess its the joys of college, so I'll enjoy it while I can!!

this dress was short, so my dancing was at a minimum

My bestie, Lea & I
My other bestie Travis...he is a nut

Must've been in deep thought..I had just spoken to my crush (yep, I'm grown with a crush lol)  ^_^


  1. Yay! You did the lack blazers and you did it well! You look amazing in that dress and your hair looks fab. So glad you had a great time with friends :)


  2. this looks really good..love it


  3. Thanks Daisy & CoCo!! Y'all are always showing love ♥


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