I Need You Ladies to Help Me!!

SOOOOOOO....its a fashion emergency type thing and I almost trust my beautiful, stylish blogging beauties help moreso than my friends. Yes, i love them to death but my sense of style and theirs don't usually match up #ijs. Anywho I have a lovely sequined hunter green dress I thrifted almost 2 years ago (Summer of 2010), and i still have yet to wear it. This Friday we are going to an "Black Tie Affair: All Black Party" and I need/want to wear this dress, but I need to style it. Its simular to this, just short sleeved:

 Thanks in Advance!


  1. I would wear a nude color shoe/something low key! and since its already fizz I would just wear a fierce bracelet but definitely no necklace and stud/button type of earrings and clutch type of purse! hope this help! oh and a blazer! gold accessories b.t.w

  2. Thanks GLO!! Yes I so want a blazer to go along with it...I'm thinking black blazer. I def gotta hit Goodwill tomorrow! And I agree with the gold...either that or the dark silver/black mix jewelry

  3. No prob gurl! A black blazer will be fab and the mix color jewlery would be fizz as well! Remember to keep it FAB oh and post a pic of the final outcome!

  4. I've tagged you so check my blog for details

  5. girl I bet that dress it too cute..but I would pair it with a cute blazer,black opaque tights and some great black pumps!!I've tagged you in this blog tag too!!check out my blog to pass the tag on!!


  6. I agree with Glo a black blazer and some Fab silver jewelry will bring this outfit too life.



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