We Made it into 2012...Now What???

 So far we have had 10 days to live in 2012, but that means there are only 356 days left to enjoy to the fullest!! This is the time of the year we either set ourselves up for success or failure for the rest of the year, some have New Year resolutions, traditions for the new year, or there are the people like me making vision boards, goals, and things to check off my "Before I Graduate Undergrad" checklist.
My top goals for 2012 are:

1. Making a 4.0GPA for each of these 2 semesters I have left

2. Sticking to healthy eating & working out

3. Acheiving BSL length hair..I'm almost at SL but I'm addicted to clipping my ends #whatev

4. Saving $1000

5. Strengthening myself spiritually

6. Setting myself up for life after graduation...technically I have until next summer for that, but I need to really get serious about & have my next move planned

Just a few of my main goals I want to accomplish this year. What goals have you all set for yourselves & how do you plan on acheiving them??


  1. You can do it girlie


  2. Remain positive you got it! and one of the most important things Im concentrating on is my health!

  3. Thanks ladies!! We are in this together as a blogging community! We will all have great 2012's...just hope mine leaves me 75lbs lighter like you Tina lol ♥

  4. Girl you can do it! Great goals I wish all the success with your 2012, I know it is sure to be amazing!

    Happy New Year



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