It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Starting today is the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual! If you don't know about this sale, then you don't know what your missing! The sale will run from now until July 3, 2011 or until the supply runs out. For me I have a few must haves:

-Wallflower refills- I'm addicted to these things and they are $5...I'm trying to rack up on at least 4 packs
-Forever Sunshine fragrance, Lemon Vanilla fragrances, and the Margarita Spa Scrub
-Scentportables for my car
-A few gift sets so I can get some early Christmas shopping done 

I usually just travel to the B&BW Outlet to get my scent fix, but the Semi-annual always trumps the outlets in price! Happy Shopping Ya'll!!


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