Fab Find of the Week!

     Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I just wanted to share this cute pair of shades I found this week! I was doing a Goodwill run-through on Wednesday, and as soon as I came in these shades were sitting on the front counter! I was so distracted by them that I forgot to look at the "Color of the Day" sign.

These are a pair of Foster Grant sunglasses for $1!  I checked on Ebay and a similar pair was going for almost $25. I loved them even though i could barely see myself in them because they put those price stickers on the lenses WTF, really??? I got them home, took the price stickers off and the residue was left on them :(....but that was not going to keep me from wearing them! I Googled ways to remove it, and toothpaste removes sticker residue (just in case you ever need that info).

I think I'm cute...Don't judge me!
 I also picked up this skirt ....only spent $3.12 in Goodwill this week! These shades made my week though!

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  1. In love with those shades, their so bad ass! Goodwill always has something good you just have to search for it! Thanks for dropping by and leaving that sweet comment :)




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