God Don't Like Ugly

Hey beautiful people!
I'm currently blogging from my phone & feeling like a slack mother who has abandoned her baby :(. I've been uninspired lately and working these 40 hour work weeks, and this monotonous work attire ain't helping. On top of all that I have locked my smart self out of my laptop *bangs head against table* lol.
Someone asked to borrow my laptop, & I thought they would try to be nosey so I changed the password to something I can't even remember smh. Thats why I titled this post "God Don't Like Ugly". I was not acting rationally & couldve let them use my account instead of the guest account, and all together it was an ugly gesture. If anything I have got to learn to be more trusting of people, and set softer passwords lol.

I just want you all to know I haven't forgot about y'all and I'm coming back! I'm just not a fan of blogging apps because I have to triple check my posts & 95% of the time it still has errors!

New Betsey Johnson earrings...I'm so in love with them!


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